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My Son has been going to Stockport Family Martial Arts now for over a year he loves it that much he attends five days a week. His confidence as grown and has made lots of new friends. The instructors are truly amazing. It is such a nice and friendly atmosphere, I would recommend Stockport Family Martial Arts for any child or adult.

Parent of Albie Harrison

Testimonials: Albie Harrison

Master D Smythe and Master V Smythe are great instructors. They explain everything in great detail and never expect you to pick up everything they teach you straight away.
They explain this is a journey in life and as everything you do in life takes time to learn and perfect.

Mr Gareth Pritchard

Testimonials: Albie Harrison

Been coming for over a year now and both my kids and I love it. Couldn't ask for better instructors who know perfectly how to manage people with different abilities. They are really supportive and I'm more determined than ever to succeed in going all the way to black belt with this school. Master D Smythe & Master V Smythe, thank you for everything.

Mr Thomas Kimm

Testimonials: Thomas Kimm
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