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Instructor Training Programmes

Junior Instructor Training (7 to 12 year olds)

"This fantastic programme to help young people develop unstoppable confidence and communication skills. Settings them up to tackle the challenges life brings"

- Master John Parkinson

Assisstant Instructor Training (13 years +)

"A programme to turbo boost your confidence, communication skills and help you set great goals. A powerful programme to improve quality of your life"

- Master John Parkinson

Certified Instructor Training (16 years +)

  • You will learn how to set powerful goals

  • How to communicate with individuals and groups on a deeper level

  • You Will learn how to help others through their martial arts journey

  • Become a junior instructor on completion

  • Build and improve a positive mental attitude

  • Increase confidence in all area of your life

  • This programme counts towards our other instructor training programmes

In addition on the CIT programme you will also:​

  • Learn how to run a successful martial arts centre/class

  • Turn your hobby into your career

  • Learn how to teach on a professional level

  • Learn more knowledge and in depth history of the martial art

At monthly seminars you will work through the course content with the Masters.

With a mix of class room style and on the mat practical learning, you will work through an easy to follow workbook which will guide you through the programme.

You can take as long as you like to complete the programme. Each seminar will be 2 hours and held monthly at our full time centres. Adults and children of any belt colour can join the instructor training programmes, in fact the sooner you start the better.

Here are some testimonials from people who have joined our instructor programmes. 

"Noah has gained loads of confidence (already started when we joined) but the JIT classes have turbo busted it. Noah is now happy to stand in front of a whole class full of adults and take the warm up."

- Mr Morton

"Thoroughly worthwhile if you want to delve deeper into the art, learn how to enthuse others just as you were. This course adds more depth to your training, puts you amongst other commited people in an atmosphere that is welcoming and encouraging, and anything but intimidating."

-Stephen Snowden

Speak to your instructor about payment options.

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