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Master Victoria Smythe

Chief Instructor Sale & Programme Director Stockport

Training history

2005 - Joined Tang Soo Do under the teachings of Master David Smythe (Miss Nixon and Mr Smythe back then)

2006 - Joined our Certified Instructor Training Programme

2007 - Awarded 1st Dan by Master Robert Salter

2008 - Took over the running of the Wythenshawe class

2009 - Awarded 2nd Dan by Master Robert Salter

2010 - Handed over the Wythenshawe class to one of her students

2010 - Opened her 1st class in the Sale area

2012 - Awarded 3rd Dan by Master Robert Salter

2012 - Started new position at the Swinton Centre as Assistant Instructor

2016 - Promoted to Programme Director at the Swinton centre

2016 - Assisted in the opening up of a class in the Altrincham area

2017 - Transferred to the Stockport centre as Programme Director

2017 - Awarded 4th Dan (Masters Rank) by Master Robert Salter

2018 - Awarded Part Time school of the year for Sale

2018 - Opened 2nd Part time school in the Hulme area

2019 - Handed over the Hulme class to another instructor to focus on her role at the Stockport centre

Master Victoria Smythe: Team Members
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