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Master David Smythe

Chief Instructor Stockport

Training history
- 1999 Joined Tang Soo Do under the teachings of Master John Parkinson
- 2002 Awarded 1st Dan by Grandmaster Kang UK Lee
- 2004 Awarded 2nd Dan by Master Robert Salter
- 2005 Started the running of the Wythenshawe class taking over from Master John Parkinson.
- 2005 Took an assistant instructor position at our federations 2nd full time centre in Swinton
- 2007 Handed over the Wytheshawe class to one of his students to focus on his new promotion to Progarmme Directer at Swinton
- 2007 Awarded 3rd Dan by Master Robert Salter
- 2010 Promoted to Chief Instructor at our centre in Swinton
- 2011 Awarded 4th Dan (Masters Rank) by Master Robert Salter
- 2013 Opened his first classes in the Stockport area
- 2017 Handed over the running of the Swinton centre to one of his students
- 2017 Awarded 5th Dan by Master Robert Salter
- 2017 One of his 1st students from Wythenshawe promoted to 4th Dan
- 2017 Open the 7th full time centre in the Stockport area and merges the part time class that was based in the area
- 2019 Awarded his 20th Year certificate presetned by Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak

Master David Smythe: Team Members
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